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We are looking for owners and their Senior Fur-babies to be photographed in our studio environment.

We want to go beyond just taking pretty pictures and capture the personality of your fur-baby and what makes them special to you … whatever that may be ❤️

We get that your senior fur-baby are more than "just a pet". They are part of the family....or they are your family. You love and care for them just as you would a son or a daughter. Even though the trips to the vet are more frequent, the walks are slower, and you might have to help them up the stairs or onto a chair, you love them more than ever. You could not imagine coming home from work, and even though he or she might not be a lively as they used to be, you still get that warm puppy welcome that makes everything worthwhile . We want to go beyond the obvious. We want to create those special moments that are unique to you and your fur-baby ..... whatever that may happen to be. 😊

The five that are chosen will receive a gift certificate that covers the session fee and the balance can be used towards purchasing wall art for you to display that will be a testament to the bond you have for each other every day you see it 😊

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about the gift certificate?

The gift certificate is for $300.00. That covers the $150.00 session fee and the balance can be spent on wall art. Full details are on the actual certificate when you receive it in the mail

When and Where?

The photography sessions will take place at our photography studio located at Thrive Photography 3/101 Brisbane Road Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast which is on the main road just past the Bowls Club over the bridge.

We are officially open Wednesday to Sunday, but we do photograph on Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment. We are looking at doing this in the next 30 days or so.

Is your studio pet friendly?

Yes, our commercial premises is on the ground floor, there are no stairs if your pet is disabled. In addition, next to the studio is a park where you can take your fur-kid for a walk and go to the toilet.

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