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FAQ for your team's onsite Headshots

How Much Space will you need?

A clear area of about 6 meters or more is preferred. This distance is optimal because it allows us to use the best lens for this sort of photography.

Do you need Power?

No, all our lights are battery-powered.

We have all sorts of fixed fixtures and fittings. Will this be an issue with items in the background of the photos?

Not at all. We use a portable backdrop and portable studio lights so that we can get professional studio-looking photos anywhere.

What about hair and makeup?

It is worth getting hair and makeup done professionally for the best results. We have four professional hair and makeup artists who we call on when required.

If you wish to use your hair and makeup artist, please tell them that it is for photography purposes.

If you are not inclined or do not have time to do that, a good guide would be if you were going out to a function or a job interview.

If you are planning on doing your makeup, please consider the following:

  • Avoid makeup with sunscreen as this ingredient is designed to reflect light and will give your skin an undesirable oily-looking shine.
  • Matte Makeup is the best choice instead of mineral-based makeup to keep that shine down. Shiny lipstick is OK.
  • Bring makeup and hair care products on the day for touch-ups should they be required.

What should we wear?

  • Keep it simple. Wear clothes that suit your personality or what you would wear to work if you want to look your best.
  • Avoid plain black or white unless we have discussed this for a specific look. However, a white shirt with a jacket would be ok.
  • Avoid clothes with busy patterns and logos ( company shirts /branded polo shirts / corporate uniforms are OK of course), such as checked shirts or that AD/DC tour T-shirt.

  • **Block colours work best**. Ever notice that television presenters wear block colours? The reason is it looks good on camera. If you can't decide, I suggest defaulting to darker colours, such as navy blue, grey etc, as everyone tends to look good in darker colours.
  • I think it is best to avoid super bright and bold colours for headshots unless it is part of your branding. The reason for this is that the goal is for your face to be the subject of attention. Colours like hot pink and fire engine red can distract from that.

  • ***Please ensure your clothes are clean and ironed***—especially shirts and collars. **We do not remove wrinkles in Photoshop**; it is one of the few things that can not be done very well in editing due to the texture in the fabric, and it never looks good at all.
  • Undergarments. This is worth thinking about. For example, wear a strapless bra if you are going to be wearing a top with thin straps.
How do we choose which photographs we want?

We will show you the photographs on the day of the session on an iPad or laptop. That way the team members can pick out what they like best. We find this to be hugely efficient for everyone involved. It avoids the problem where whoever has been tasked to organise "photo day" has to spend countless hours getting the photos approved by everyone. It also allows us to deliver the photos with a very fast turnaround.

What if we have to reschedule?

We get that things come up, and life gets in the way. If you give us 24 hours of advance notice, we will reschedule at no cost. If you need to reschedule more than once, then a $55.00 fee may be incurred to cover our administrative time costs.

Do you have a blue card?

Yes. Card Number: 1984272/1

Tell me about your editing... Can you make me look amazing?

Yes! We will remove anything temporary, like acne or a scratch. We even out skin texture teeth colour and clean up stray hair, and glare from glasses, minimise dark circles under the eyes etc. Our goal is always awesome but believable. What we mean by that is that we will retouch the photograph so that you look your absolute best. What we do not do is shave 20 years off your age, as this is a headshot session and not a glamour shoot. I doubt it is in anyone's best interests if you look REALLY different when someone meets you in person after having based their first impression on your photograph.

Any other tips to look my best?

  • Avoid making a time when you know that everyone has had a big night the day before. Example: On a day after the team has been to the State of Origin.
  • Alcohol and lack of sleep can leave you looking puffy, red-eyed and with dark circles under your eyes.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • If you are getting a haircut, it's a REALLY good idea to do it a few days before. 1) You will not get loose hair on your clothes 2) It gives it a chance to "settle" 3) For dramatic changes like hair colour or going from long hair to short hair... it can sometimes take a few days for people to be comfortable and confident with a change like that. Your confidence will show in the photos.

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