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2019 St Johns Formal Photos

Howdy folks.

The link at the bottom of this page is to Dropbox so you can download the photos from when we took the photos at the park. Anyone with the link can get the photos.

The best way to get them from Dropbox is on a computer as opposed to a phone as you can download them all in one hit in a zip file. Once you get on the page you will see a button at the top to download them. They will come down in a single zip file. From there just extract the files and keep what you want.

You can also download the files on your phone via the dropbox app.

I will leave the photos up for a month.


In a nutshell these are the maximum quality you can have for the internet. If that makes sense. Facebook and Instagram will show these in maximum quality available when clicked on. **Please note**.... as these are from a camera and not a phone, even when you adjust them in Instagram it may still chop some of the image off.....especially the vertical images.


These files will print to 6x4, 7x5 and 8x4 no problem. Anything bigger than that message me. So if you want to print a pile of them just take them to somewhere like Officeworks and print them there.

Please read my rant regarding the importance of printing click HERE

High quality prints from me

If you want some high quality prints... I sell them. I further edit the photos for print. I have a super fancy printer for gallery quality printing and use Fine Art papers in Cotton Rag (matt) , Semi Gloss and High Gloss. I can print as large as A2 (poster size). They look genuinely awesome and allegedly will last a two hundred years if kept out of the sun and looked after. I generally print them in A4, A3 and A2, so they are easy to frame in off the shelf frames.


Those who offered me money , I greatly appreciate it. However please consider these as a gift. It makes me happy to able to offer something to remember the day by.

Dropbox Link

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