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Where are you based?

I live and operate on the Sunshine Coast. I have lived here my whole life. I happily travel anywhere in South East Queensland and Brisbane.

How would you describe your photography style?

If I had to describe my wedding photography style in words I would say this: I am a storytelling photographer with a leaning towards a romantic look. I look for moments as they unfold and capture the tears, the laughter, the funny and the absurd as it happens. In addition to some of the truly glorious wedding photographers in the world some of my influences are the great journalist and National Geographic photographers. They create beautiful, emotional and thought-provoking photographs. I love to capture moments with beautiful photography and tell a story of the day.

For more information about my style click HERE.

Do you actually enjoy photographing weddings?

I do. Then again all wedding photographers would say that, wouldn’t they? However, I really really do enjoy wedding photography. The reason for me personally is that I enjoy primarily photographing people, moments and emotions. There are really no other events where you get such a diverse range of human emotion and interaction. This is what I love the most in photography… capturing genuine emotions and reactions. Also, I love the challenge of photographing weddings. Wedding photography has come a long way it is probably one of the most challenging genres. You photograph people, details, architecture, work under time constraints, photograph in difficult light and only get one chance to do it. That's why I love it.

Do you consider yourself an artist?

No. I know I will offend many photographers, but I think the word artist and art are overused words in photography. My Aunt and a dear friend are artists in the painting world. They spend incredible amounts of time creating art. I prefer to think of myself as a craftsman who is artistic who can create a repeatable quality of photography that is artistic. I personally think there is a difference.

What happens if you are hit by a garbage truck or something before my wedding?

Well…being in hospital would make it difficult for me to shoot your wedding which would be depressing. Especially for me. Happily I have never missed an event to date but it is good question and worth asking. In terms of a replacement photographer I have a network of fellow professional photographers that can fill in for me. And yes you will get a refund. I know this would not be ideal but there are options in the event of disaster. Just to be clear, I will not call in sick because I have the sniffles.. I would have to be at deaths door to cancel an event as important as a wedding. If this is something that genuinely concerns you please call me, and we can talk about it further.

Do you cover Same-Sex Weddings?


What sort of music do you like?

Metal, blues, Jazz and funk.

How many images will we get?

Just to get it out of the way, you will get edited images either on a USB drive or delivered online. With regard to how many… it depends. I am guessing you are sick of hearing that. Let mean explain. It really depends on the wedding. As a ballpark figure for all day coverage for a traditional wedding (traditional meaning getting ready, the ceremony and the reception) I usually supply about 700 images. I could supply thousands (anyone can) but I only deliver the best images.

Can we get an Engagement Shoot?

Yes this is an option and I consider it important for a couple of reasons. 1) You get some photos for the invitations, social media announcements and the guest book 2) We can get to know each other a bit and get you as comfortable in front of the camera. It goes a long way to you being comfortable being photographed on the wedding day. This will really show in the photos from the wedding. It can be the difference between good photos and outstanding photos.

Do we get Richard and not a different photographer?

Yes of course. I do not take bookings and get someone else to photograph the wedding. I will be the one with you from the early stages to the completion of your wedding.

Do you edit your photos yourself or do you outsource that work?

I do it all myself. I really wish I could outsource it as it is such a time-consuming task but I just can’t do it for a few reasons. I am the one at the wedding therefore I am the one who can remember what it looked and felt like. Also, it is the only way I can provide consistent looking images from wedding to wedding. I just don't think this is possible if it outsourced to a post-production company overseas which is what many photographers like to do. Frankly I feel that if I am being entrusted with the privilege of photographing a wedding then I should be the one to do the whole thing. The only thing I do not do is advanced Photoshop work. So say for example for some weird reason you wanted your Aunt Claire removed from an image and replaced with your Aunt Jackie I cannot do that. Contrary to popular opinion this is something that is hard to do well. I do not have the skills to do it a professional level. I would outsource this and provide you with a quote for the work.

What is your editing style?

Hopefully the images on this website tell a lot of the story. I generally try to keep it looking as natural as possible. I try to keep things essentially looking as they did on the day. My personal feeling that is if a current Instagram or some similar filter is applied then it will badly date the photographs as the years go by.

How long until we get to see our photos?

My personal pledge is to deliver a selection of edited images for you optimised for email and Social media with 24 hours and to have all the images for you to review within 21 days.

Do we need to feed you?

No. Let me tell you a story. Years ago I was in a band, and we had a gig where we had to recruit a replacement drummer for a gig. We were playing at a fancy function and the replacement drummer refused to play unless a meal was provided. We never bothered with meals as a band mainly because it was hard to get the timing right. He basically made us look like a bunch of prima donnas and that really stuck with me. If you want to feed me then that is great and I would certainly appreciate it. However, please do not feel obligated in any shape or form to buy another meal for me. I always have an esky of food with me.

Can my family and friends take photos?

Yes within reason. I know many photographers will stipulate that they are the sole photographer. I personally have no problems with guests taking photos. I do have issues with a family member or friend following me around with a camera taking photos over my shoulder or generally getting in the way. This is because it will adversely affect the quality of images that you will get.

I do not see any family photos on your site… do you do them?

Yes I do.. Even though I am primarily a “journalistic” style of shooter when it comes to photographing weddings I am actually a strong believer in formal photos. Why? Well simply because these are the photos that will have everyone in them. I feel this is important because often people have travelled to be at the wedding. It may be the case where it might not happen again where everyone is in the same location. I also feel it is important to document this sort of family history.

Do you use good equipment?

Yes. Depressingly the amount I have spent on camera gear could fund a new small car. As boring as the details of this is, it is in fact an important question. The brand of the camera is not important, what is important is that professional cameras and lenses are used. There is quite a substantial difference between an $1000.00 camera package from Hervey Norman and actual professional gear. So what is professional gear? To me the absolute main thing is that the cameras that can shoot to two memory cards at the same time , the lenses capable of shooting in low light and the camera is robust. The last thing any photographer wants is to have to go hat in hand and tell a couple that the images were lost due to memory card failure. It is not like you can recreate the day. That is why myself and all other professionals use cameras that have two memory cards. It’s also important to have a backup camera in case one breaks down or I drop it in the ocean or something. If it is of any interest I use 2 x Canon 5D Mark IV camera and a half a dozen “L” lenses. Click HERE to see the list of my equipment.

Do we need to pay a deposit and when is payment due?

Yes a deposit is required when booking to hold your date, and the balance is due 30 days before the wedding.

Are you insured?

Yes indeed. For $20,000,000! This means if a lighting stand falls over and injures someone my insurance will cover any injuries or liability. This is actually pretty important for any event. It means in the highly unlikely event of something bad happening as a result of photography it will not affect you financially. Also, I can supply an insurance certificate for particular venues or events should it be a requirement.

Do you have a blue card?

Yes. The number is 19844272

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