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Onsite Headshot & Personal Branding Pricing

All Prices include GST

Minimum of 4 people for onsite visits.


The fee covers travel on the Sunshine Coast, setting up our portable studio and a photographer. It also includes any phone planning sessions in regards to wardrobe, makeup, overall style and how you want to be visually perceived by your clients or customers.

This also includes wardrobe changes/looks should you wish to have a variety of photos so you can market to various audiences.

In addition, we will show your team the photos on the day on an iPad or laptop so you can select them then and there to speed up the turnaround time.

This fee covers as many people as you need to be photographed on the day.

** The session fee does not include any photographs.**

Onsite Session Fee: $150.00


Includes the following:

Usage Rights

Full Internet and print usage rights are included for your business or company.

The photos are supplied in 3 formats:

  1. Full resolution.
  2. "Internet" resolution: Optimised for social media and the internet in general.
  3. Email signature resolution: Small size so emails are fast and do not take up computer space for the sender and the recipient.

Includes executive retouching (as opposed to basic editing) :

Removal of facial shine (particularly useful with men as they generally do not wear makeup), stray hairs, temporary skin blemishes (pimples shaving rash, flaky makeup), reduction of dark circles under eyes, realistic whitening of teeth and eyes, glare removal from glasses, braces removal, redness reduction (if you spent the weekend at the beach) skin smoothing/ wrinkle reduction and replacement of background to a solid colour if required.

It is like you went on TV and had stylists get you ready for broadcast.

Cost per photograph: $115.00


Completely optional but very useful for busy people or if you do not have a preferred one. We have 4 hair and makeup artists we collaborate with if you wish to have that polished professional look in your photographs.

Cost per person: $200.00

Video of the onsite studio setup, the photography
& some final results

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