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Why choose Thrive Photography for your headshots?

  • We listen to you. Rather than photograph you the way we *think* you should look, we photograph you specifically for who you are wanting to connect with.
  • We can make you look amazing. It's not finished when we take the photo. We clean up stray hair, remove temporary skin blemishes like pimples or shaving rash, even out skin tone, realistically whiten teeth, and smooth out the skin. Basically, make it look like you had a full TV crew prepare you to go on screen.
  • A lot of choices. Whether it is onsite at your office or workplace, or in our studio, we will give you plenty of variety to choose from. We do not treat it like a passport photo at the post office, where it is one and done and get you out the door ASAP. You will be photographed against different backgrounds, with different clothes and various expressions. If in the studio you will be shown the photos in our viewing room and allow you to choose the photos that you want. If working onsite we will show you the photos in real-time on an iPad or laptop so you can easily select the photos you like best.
  • We get it. We are in a reasonably unique position as a photography studio to serve business, medical and entertainment photography. Our lead photographer, Richard, previously has a long history in the professional business world and also moonlighted in bands as a musician. So he understands how to approach this sort of photography, having worked in these different industries.
  • We guarantee our work. If you do not like the photographs, we will work with you until you do. You do not need to pay in advance, and only chose the photos that you are absolutely delighted with.
  • Professionalism and Discretion. We are completely professional. We know your time is valuable. We will be prepared and ready to roll when you come in, or when we visit your workplace. All work is completely confidential. We would never share your photos online without your express permission. We treat every single person with who we interact with the courtesy and respect that they deserve.
  • Success. Thrive will take the time in the lead-up to prepare you for success. We will also spend time discussing with you your target market / Avatar / Ideal client, so we are not just shooting in the dark (excuse the unintentional pun) when you come in for your session.
  • Enjoyable. Our clients tell us repeatedly that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It does not have to suck getting your photo taken.

To book your headshot session , you can email us at info@thrivephotography , call us on 07 5343 7603 or fill in our contact form HERE.

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