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FAQ and Preparing for Studio Photography

Is there easy parking?

We have dedicated customer parking right at the front door!

Is it Air Conditioned?


Do you have a change room?


What about hair and makeup?

It is worth getting hair and makeup done professionally for the best results.

If you decide to get professional makeup done, please tell them that it is for photography purposes. If you are not inclined or do not have time to do that, a good guide would be if you were going out to a function or going on a date.

If you are planning on doing your own makeup, please consider the following:

  • Avoid makeup with sunscreen as this has an ingredient that is designed to reflect light that will make give your skin an undesirable shine.
  • Matte Makeup is the best choice as opposed to makeup that is mineral based to keep that shine down. Shiny lipstick is OK.
  • Bring makeup and hair care products to the session for touch-ups should it be required

We have a makeup area in the studio, so you are welcome to do it here if you would prefer.

What should we wear?

  • Keep it simple. Wear clothes that suit your personality or what you would wear going to a function if you are wanting to look your best.
  • If you are self-conscious about some part of your body, consider wearing something to cover it. For example: if you are self-conscious about your arms, wear long sleeves.
  • Avoid clothes with busy patterns and logos, such as check and striped shirts or that AD/DC tour shirt. However, big floral prints can look great.
  • Block colours work best. Ever notice that television presenters wear block colours? The reason is it looks good on camera. If you just can't decide, I suggest defaulting to darker colours, such as navy blue, grey etc, as everyone tends to look good in darker colours.
  • Textured clothes look fantastic in photos.
  • Please make sure your clothes are clean and ironed. Especially shirts and collars. We do not remove wrinkles in photoshop, it never looks good. If you want, you can bring clothes on a hanger as we have a changing room. We also have an Iron and Ironing board.
  • Undergarments. This is worth thinking about. For example, wear a strapless bra if you are going to be wearing that cute top with thin straps.

Please feel free to wear whatever you want. The above are just suggestions that we have found that always look good 🙂

Tell me about the editing. Can you make me look amazing?

Yes! We will remove anything temporary, like acne or a scratch. We even out skin texture, lighten teeth and eyes, remove glare from glasses, reduce redness, clean up stray hair..even reduce double chins if you are getting photographed with your fur baby and posing you to avoid that is impractical. Our goal is always beautiful but believable. What I mean by that is we will retouch the photograph so that you look your absolute best. The best way to explain it is to imagine we got you ready for a television apperance. Our policy is beautiful but believable.


  • It is worth getting them groomed before the photography session, so they look their best.
  • We suggest bathing your fur baby the day or two before, as, for some older dogs, this can be quite taxing.
  • If your dog is highly energetic, it is worth taking him/her for a good walk or whatever you do when you exercise. This will help them settle into the studio.
  • If you have a senior dog lower on the energy scale, it is worth resting them before you come in.
  • Please bring your leads. While the property is fully fenced, very safe and has plenty of places for them to go to the toilet ...we do have a dam. The last thing we want is for your fur baby to have a spontaneous swim and come out looking like a swamp dog 😆

We can't wait to see you 😊

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