Sunshine Coast & Brisbane Wedding Photographer
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Sunshine Coast & Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Sunshine Coast & Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Bride and Groom : Rebecca & Jeff




Celebrant: Family Friend

Photos : Richard Grenfell Photography


This wedding photo was taken at the iconic " The Chapel" venue in Main Street Montville in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland right next to popular wedding location Maleny.

It is a beautiful location with views all across the coast. Inside The Chapel it is absolutely gorgeous and honestly looks like something out of a fairy tale. In the case of Bec and Jeff it was made even more special as a family member acted as the Celebrant and it was a very personal and intimate ceremony filled with love and laughter.

The reception was held in the function room under Poets Café which is right next to the Chapel. When a couple books The Chapel they are given a period of time for a night shoot if they want to do so. Bec and Jeff wanted an image that they could print big for their house as a memory of the day. So after a bit of chin scratching I suggested we do a bid wide photo so that when it was printed big, they would not be so prominent in the image (they are quite shy people) and it would tell the story of the day.

So we set the composition up, I put a wireless light behind them and created this photo. They loved the photo and will have a large print of this proudly hanging on their wall as a reminder of their amazing wedding day.

I thank them for the privilege to be allowed to be part of their day.

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