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Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

Venue : Private residence at Bli Bli


Bride and Groom: Sam and Corey

Photographer: Richard Grenfell Photography

The post ceremony confetti photograph was taken in Sam and Corey's backyard their home here on the Sunshine Coast. They decided that it was more personal and meaningful them to have the ceremony at their home.

After a week of TORRENTIAL rain the sun came out, and they had a perfect outdoor ceremony. It was touch and go in the week leading up to it. Seriously, we had biblical amounts of rain in the month leading up to the big day.

It was a beautiful ceremony with laughter and tears with family and friends to witness it. Sam's grandfather gave an excellent speech. He also happens to be a woodworker and presented them with a hand carved ornament as a symbol love and commitment. This particular image is one of my favourites I have taken. The light is gorgeous, the bride and groom look so happy and I feel it tells a great story of the day.

As a side note. Corey is lawn nerd. He takes great pride in the grass at his house. He joked that when Sam made this photo her profile picture social media that the reason he looked so happy was that he was looking down at how good the grass looked.

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