Silhouette with Fairy Lights from a Noosa Wedding
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Silhouette with Fairy Lights from a Noosa Wedding

This was taken on a beautiful property in Cooroibah in the Noosa Hinterland.

I got the idea for the photo talking to the mother of the bride. We had reached that point of the evening where the drinks had been flowing and I had stopped to have a chat with the parents.

She was good naturedly and in a really funny way complaining about having to put all the lights up the day before and how she had sore arms. So I wanted to do a unique night photo of the bride and groom that also featuring the fairy lights as it was an important part of the story of the day for the family.

So using the mother of the bride as a test subject (which she was more than happy to do as she loved hamming it up for the camera) I set my radio controlled lights and dialled in the settings for this photo. I went and told the couple about my idea and that all they had to do was stand in one spot for a minute and be themselves. The final result is a photo that I personally love because of the awesome people involved and also that they have a photo that they love because it tells a part of the story of the day. Also it gets a laugh as it is a bit of an inside family joke.

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