Groom overwhelmed seeing his bride for the first time
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Groom overwhelmed seeing his bride for the first time

I love this image.

It was decided that David would see his bride for the first time at the ceremony. So the way that the celebrant organised it was she had him turn his back to the guests. Then when Megan was walking down the "aisle" he was told to turn around. This was his reaction. He was completely overcome with emotion and was bought to tears. I like it when guys like Dave show their feelings. When you meet him for the first time he seems like a really staunch sort of man who would keep his emotions in check. That is what makes this photograph so special to Megan.

I really enjoy photographing in a photo journalism style like this. Don't get me wrong I love photographing all the elements of a wedding day but capturing authentic candid images like this is really what gets me excited.

This location is on the beach just in front of Surfair Hotel which is an excellent place for events like this. It is any easy walk from the hotel if you get ready there. Also there is a lot of opportunity to for creative pics after the ceremony. Highly recommended.

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