Bride with her Bridesmaids Before the Ceremony
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Bride with her Bridesmaids Before the Ceremony

I created this image before the wedding ceremony. In this case Em was was just about to leave for a first look. It had been a hectic morning getting ready with family and friends helping out. I liked that this was a quiet moment before the next part of the day was about to commence.

I loved the way the light was coming in through the sheer blinds so I waited for the ladies to help her straighten up train for her to exit. I am really happy with the this came out. I like that we showed off the beautiful dress and that it included the bridesmaids in the photo. Also Em being an athlete looks absolutely stunning in her form fitting mermaid dress. The photo felt like it needed to be in black and white to give it an even more timeless feel.

This location where she got ready was at her house here on the Sunshine Coast where she and the groom have lived for many years.

The first look was very special. Kent was blown away at how amazing she looked and was a very emotional moment. I always feel honored and genuinely privileged when I am allowed to witness moments like that.

I would love to talk to you if this documentary style of photography appeals to you.

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