Bridal Party walking on a green at a Golf Club
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Bridal Party walking on a green at a Golf Club

Rachel and Tom decided have their entire wedding at Headland Golf Club at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. They told me that the reason was that Deannah (one of the brides maids) had her wedding there and because it was so beautiful that they figured why reinvent the wheel.

This group was a genuine pleasure to photograph. One of the highlights is that we all drove golf buggies around to get to the various locations on the course for the creative photos.

Rach told me that this was her favorite photo from the day. It is actually mine as well. I like how they are back lit a little and how the green and the fairway frames them to show off their colour scheme. More importantly is that everyone is happy and having a great time.

This image was selected from the gallery to be printed. I organised a fine art print and I understand it is hanging in their house. It came up beautifully printed large and looking at this photo on a computer does not do it justice.

Trivia. As a side note my brother played his junior years at this golf club. When he saw the image online he told commented exactly which hole it is. We went on to as a touring golf professional for may years

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