Sunshine Coast Dog & Pet Photographer Pug
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Sunshine Coast Dog & Pet Photographer Pug

Sunshine Coast Pet Photographer

Fur Baby Name: Manchu

Dog Breed: Pug

Where: Thrive Photography. Mooloolaba

Type of photography: Dog Portrait / Pet Portraits

About the photo session :

This was a very sad session for me. Manchu's humans bought him to the studio as he was diagnosed with a terminal condition. They wanted to create some wall art as a testament to him and the love the family had for him. Originally they contacted my friend Lorraine Charlecrafte from Zoo Studio as they live in Brisbane. Zoo has two studios, one in Melbourne and one in Brisbane. Due to Covid the team at Zoo could not get back into Brisbane. So wanting to make sure that they did not miss out on getting Manchu photographed, Lorraine kindly referred them to our studio.

Manchu was a beautiful boy, and you could really tell that he meant everything to the family. He did so well on the day of the photo session and they told me that he had a great day out. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for the privilege of photographing their beautiful boy.

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