Best Sunshine Coast Dog and Pet Photographer
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Best Sunshine Coast Dog and Pet Photographer

Fur Babies Names : Chester and Charlie

Dog Breed: Chihuahuas

Where: Thrive Photography. Mooloolaba

Type of photography: Dog Portrait / Pet Portraits

About the photo session :

Esther told me this about them: "I love them so much in their different ways, Chester is my main boy, he’s the first to snuggle, and he just likes to perch and use me as a pillow. Charlie is a mischief-maker, he snatches toys and runs like hell to keep them, he’s pretty observant, he loves to just sit and watch what ever you do, when he’s not trying to kill his brother" I thought hmmmm this sounds it will be an awesome session to me. We love active dogs.

After a considerable period of time of them both tearing around the studio, we declared that they had burnt off some energy and were ready to be photographed. Photographing excited dogs is a challenge, and on a scale of 1 to 10, I put these lively guys as a solid 11. Challenges aside, we got some absolutely beautiful photos of her boys, and Esther tells me that she felt that we captured the absolute personality of them perfectly.

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