Thrive Photography

Conference headshots

Headshot Station

Whole day (up to 8 hours of actual photography time) of volume commercial headshot photography. All images in high resolution and "internet" resolution and commercial usage rights. Includes as many people that can be photographed in one day.



  • Richard Grenfell as the photographer
  • Choice of one background
  • Typical 7-day turnaround
  • Travel anywhere on the Sunshine Coast
  • Accurate colour rendition
  • Cropped to the correct size
  • Full print and commercial usage rights
  • Professionalism and reliability always included


Executive Retouching

Highly recommended for the vast majority of clients. If you are not sure if you need this we are happy to discuss

It includes:

  • Removal of facial shine (especially useful with men as they generally do not wear makeup)
  • Stray hair clean up
  • Temporary skin blemishes (pimples, shaving rash, flaky makeup), Reduction of dark circles under eyes
  • Realistic whitening of teeth and eyes,
  • Glare removal from glasses
  • Redness reduction (if you spent the weekend at the beach)
  • Skin smoothing/ wrinkle reduction

Cost per Photo: $19.00

On-site image selection :

A must for large groups. Our staff will guide everyone through viewing their headshots immediately after they are photographed to ensure that everyone gets a photo they are happy with. This also enables us to photograph many more people on the day.

Also, this speeds up turnaround time and saves significant time for whoever has been tasked to manage the day. They do not have to be involved in getting everyone to select their favourite photo after the event.