Thrive Photography

Sunshine Coast Family & Pet Photographer

As I have lived here pretty much my entire life so I am well versed in all the best spots all over the coast. My favourite places to photograph a family session are the beach's and parks at Noosa, Mooloolaba and Caloundra . I especially have a soft spot for the hinterland at places like Maleny and Mapleton. It is beautiful in the hills.

When creating family images I like to go for a look that crosses over between traditional and candid. When people come to me for family photos I notice they typically are looking for a nice photos that captures everyone looking at the camera. I aim to take it a step further.

I like to put families in a beautiful location in good light but also capture the essence of the family. What I mean by that is I go a bit further and capture the subtle family dynamics with genuine smiles and reactions. So when you look back at the photos I want you to say something like....."that is such a classic shot of our kids" or "that is so typical of mum and dad". Things that mean something to you as a family.

If you have young children I like to also get some photos of them playing and interacting. They can be such fun photos that you can look back on with great fondness. For example my daughter was a real climber when she was little. She had impressive callus's on her hands from endless clambering around playgrounds. Whenever we see photos of her at a playground it reminds of that period.

I am old enough to remember pixie photos. For those of you not familiar with them here's how it went down. You would get dressed up, go to the shopping centre, get put in front of a studio background, the photographer would make goofy comments and squeak a squeeze toy to try and get the kids to smile. I look back at our photos like that and they are truly cringeworthy. Don't get me wrong the photos are fine but they just looked forced and contrived.

If you are looking at this galley you might be thinking why are there dog photos in here? I am finding that more than ever that family pets are considered part of the family. I can 100% relate to this. We have always had pet dogs and I have some photos of our past pets on the walls of our house. So as far as I am concerned I lump pet photos into the family photography category.

If this sounds like something that is for you, I would love to talk to you and hear your ideas for a family photo session.